Biden Administration Releases FY23 Budget Proposal

The Biden administration released a $5.8 trillion budget proposal that increases defense and domestic programs spending. The proposal lays out the administration’s priorities and is considered the starting point for Congressional appropriators. Congress, not the President, decides how Federal funds are allocated.

The administration’s budget requests a slight increase in spending for the Department of Homeland Security, with a large percentage of the increase addressing USCIS processing. The administration requests $904 billion for USCIS, with $765 million to manage caseloads and backlogs, including refugee processing. The administration also asks Congress to fund 9,000 fewer immigration beds and increase funding for backlogged immigration courts

Erickson Insights

While the President’s budget proposal increases funding for DHS and related immigration agencies, the focus of the funding away from enforcement and towards application and case processing could be considered a paradigm shift away from the enforcement-heavy Trump administration.

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