Immigrant Visa Services/PERM

What We Provide

Our attorneys have a deep understanding and significant experience with virtually every type of immigrant visa filing (e.g., executive/management green cards, outstanding researchers, extraordinary ability professionals, the PERM process, and family-based immigration).

Because of the complex nature of the PERM process, an EIG attorney will be the direct point of contact with the foreign national and management and will handle each matter throughout the entire process (from the initial interaction until the foreign national receives his/her green card).

We provide detailed and scholarly FAQs and memos to foreign nationals, management, and HR regarding the ever-changing state of green card processing and visa availability.  For each case, we conduct a complete and thorough analysis of each individual’s educational credentials using the AACRAO EDGE database (when foreign degrees are involved) to ensure that the foreign national will satisfy the stringent USCIS degree standards for EB-2 or EB-3.

Our extensive experience and efficient immigration process minimizes the time that HR and management need to be involved in the green card process.

Immigrant Visas/PERM: Why You Should Work With Us

EIG does the heavy lifting on green card applications.

To address the burdensome demand of the PERM and green card process, EIG has developed a streamlined model to limit the need for HR’s involvement during the process.

We simply ask for job duty verification and applicant review by company management, and EIG allows the client to handpick recruitment methods that we will conduct for you.  Once the mandated recruitment is complete, we will provide an electronic tool-kit to assist managers with resume review and to assist in the event that an application is subject to an audit.  The bottom line is that this process is intricate and can be cumbersome, but EIG makes it as painless as possible, while maintaining complete compliance with federal regulations.

Bandwidth is not a problem.  With competition for talent, many foreign nationals choose their employer based on the speed in which the company is willing to proceed with his/her green card filing.  No matter the volume, EIG can process your green card needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.