USCIS Self-Scheduling InfoPass Appointment Program Ends

USCIS has ended the self-scheduling InfoPass appointment program, encouraging applicants to use the USCIS online information resources.  Surveys and other data compiled by USCIS revealed that the majority of applicants who made in-person appointments could have received the same information by using the USCIS online information resources or calling the USCIS Contact Center.  In an effort to streamline the adjudication of benefits, USCIS will continue to move more services and information to their online platform as the Information Services Modernization Program expands. Applicants who are in need of in-person assistance will be able to receive assistance from the USCIS Contact Center to schedule an appointment.  The Information Services Modernization Program will be available in the Detroit Field Office, as well as several of the Los Angeles Field Offices beginning November 13, 2018. USCIS anticipates implementation in all field offices by the end of fiscal year 2019.