USCIS Creates a Lottery for Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan Parole

Last week, USCIS reported receiving significantly more parole applications than the 30,000 monthly authorizations available.

To fairly distribute parole allotments:

  • USCIS will introduce a lottery to randomly select half of the monthly total of applicants, regardless of the filing date.
  • The other half will be considered in a first-in, first-out method that prioritizes the oldest forms for review.
  • In addition, USCIS clarified that duplicate submissions for the same beneficiary with the same supporter would not be accepted. 
Erickson Insights

The parole program is a key part of the Biden border policy because the administration wants migrants to see the parole option as a viable legal pathway so they do not choose irregular entry methods. But Biden’s parole program is unpopular with Republicans, and a group of Republican-led States are challenging the parole program in court. They argue that the parole program exceeds presidential authority. A trial is set for June in Federal Court in Texas.