United Kingdom | Brexit Updates

  • EU leaders will vote on April 10 to extend the date of Brexit to June 30, 2019, following a formal request from Prime Minister Theresa May to the EU today.
    • UPDATED: On Wednesday, April 10, the European Union agreed to a second delay to Brexit at an emergency summit. Leaders will continue to determine the conditions around the extension. EU diplomats reference new exit dates of June 30, the end of the year, and as far into the future as March 2020. New extended deadlines would still allow Britain to Brexit earlier if Parliament can agree.
  • In related news, last week the EU Parliament approved visa-free travel between the EU and UK following Brexit, even in the case of no-Deal. Britons will be able to stay in the EU visa-free for up to 90 days within a 180 day period. The EU Council still has to vote on the proposal but is reported to support the measure. The UK would also need to be reciprocating in allowing EU nationals to visit the UK visa-free as well.