UK | Public Testing of EU Settlement Scheme Opens

On January 21, the Home Office began a voluntary public testing phase of the EU Settlement Scheme, where passport holding EU citizens and their family members may apply to live and work in the United Kingdom. Currently, the application fee is £65.00 for an adult and £32.50 for children, however, the Prime Minister has announced that in the future these fees will be canceled when the program is fully open and fees already paid will be reimbursed. The UK has also reached separate agreements with the EFTA nations of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland, who may apply starting March 30, while Irish citizens need not apply under the Common Travel Area agreement. Applicants will be assigned either settled status or pre-settled status depending on how long they have been living in the UK. Without a ratified withdrawal agreement, the EU Settlement Scheme deadline to enter the UK and qualify for the EU Settlement Scheme will be March 29, 2019.