UK | Government Publishes Plan for EU Citizens Arriving After No-Deal

The UK Home Office has published plans, subject to parliamentary approval, for how the UK will treat EU citizens arriving in the UK after a no-deal Brexit.  The proposal reinforces the temporary transitional arrangements where EU citizens arriving in the UK before 2020 will be eligible for the EU settlement scheme until the end of June 2021. Additionally, EU citizens will be able to arrive as visitors with a passport or ID card, stay for a maximum of three months from each entry, and work or study upon arrival.  EU nationals wishing to stay longer than the three months must apply for leave to remain within their three months. This status will be valid for 36 months and will allow work and study, however, it will not be extendable. Those wishing to stay longer will be subject to the future immigration system. Until that system is implemented EU citizens can continue using their passport or nation ID card to evidence their right to work and rent property.