UAE Grants Golden Visas to 100,000 Computer Programming & Coding Specialists

The United Arab Emirates will grant 100,000 Golden Visas to entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who specialize in computer programming and coding.

Who is Eligible?
  • Residents and non-residents may apply.
  • Coders of all nationalities and age groups may apply for the UAE golden visa through The Office of Artificial Intelligence in the UAE government or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  • Application eligibility extends to experts who achieved success in various areas of coding; those who work for pioneering international technological firms; graduates of software engineering, computer science, hardware engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence, data science, big data, and electrical engineering programs.


According to the press release, the visa program aligns with a broader goal to establish 1,000 digital companies in the UAE over the next five years.