Saudi Arabia’s New Premium Residency Categories Now Available Online

Saudi Arabia’s Premium Residency Centre has announced the launch of five new Premium Residency Permits (PRP), which permit long-term, self-sponsored residence for qualifying foreign nationals.  The PRP was introduced in 2019.

The new categories are as follows:

  • The Special Talent Premium Residency for executives and professionals who specialize in healthcare, science, and research;
  • The Gifted Premium Residency for skilled professionals and talented individuals in the cultural and sport sectors;
  • The Investor Premium Residency;
  • The Entrepreneur Premium Residency;
  • The Real Estate Owner Premium Residency.

These are in addition to the existing Limited Duration Premium Residency category (fee of SAR 100,000 per year for up to five years, renewable) and the Unlimited Duration Premium Residency (one-off fee of SAR 800,000).

Program Benefits and Information

All Premium Residency holders:

  • can reside in Saudi with family members, including parents, spouses, and children under 25;
  • have the flexibility to move from one establishment to another;
  • are exempt from the fees imposed on expats and their dependents and companions;
  • can exit and return to Saudi without requiring a visa;
  • are entitled to obtain visit visas for relatives;
  • can use tracks dedicated to citizens at airports;
  • are entitled to work in the private sector and move between establishments;
  • can conduct business under the guidelines of the Investment Law;
  • can own and usufruct real estate.

The centre also launched a new electronic platform to simplify applications for Premium Residency.  The new platform enables applicants to view regulations, application procedures, and the products available for each category, in addition to the eligibility criteria and requirements for obtaining each product.

Erickson Insights

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