Nigeria Expat Quota Reports Must be Submitted though e-CITIBIZ

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Interior (FMI) has announced that, effective November 8, 2023, all companies holding expatriate quota positions must submit their monthly returns through the FMI’s e-CITIBIZ website within the first ten days of each month.

A penalty fee will be implemented effective from December 2023 for companies who fail to comply.  Any company that fails to submit their quota returns within this number of days from the following month will pay:

  • After the first 10 Days – N100,000;
  • After 20 Days – N150,000;
  • After 25 Days – N200,000.

The monthly quota return is a mandatory report detailing the status of expatriate quota (EQ) positions granted by the FMI to Nigerian companies. The quota return provides comprehensive information, including details on the utilization of expatriate positions, workforce composition, understudies and other relevant data.

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