New Rules for Entering Spain Go Into Effect

As of Monday, June 7, new rules governing the health requirements for all travelers wishing to enter Spain go into effect.

What are the Changes
  • Any fully vaccinated person, regardless of their place of origin, may enter Spain. Travelers from risk areas must provide proof of vaccination.
  • All people traveling to Spain from a European country in the Schengen Area will be able to do so if they can prove that they: have been vaccinated against COVID-19, have a negative test result, including antigen tests for the first time, or had the disease in the last six months and have recovered from it.
  • Travelers coming from other EU countries can use the EU Digital COVID Certificate to prove either vaccination, negative test, or recovery.

Therefore, from June 7, all vaccinated people, wherever they come from, will be able to enter Spain and, if they also come from an EU country, they will be able to use the EU Digital COVID Certificate.


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