Netherlands | Highly-Skilled Workers Can Work Without a Residence Document

The Netherlands’ government has announced that due to extensive delays at the IND, visa-exempt Highly Skilled Migrants who do not require an MVV visa may work immediately upon arrival in the Netherlands before collecting a residence document at an in-country appointment if it is not ready. They can work without a residence permit for a maximum of four months from the date on the approval letter, within which time they must attend an appointment to collect it.

The same applies to those with approved residence permit extensions. They can continue to work with the expired permit for up to 4 months while awaiting their new work authorization.

In both cases, the Highly Skilled Migrant must make an appointment within two weeks of their residence permit approval to benefit from the new policy. This applies to all approvals issued from July 22, 2022, until January 22, 2023.

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