Ireland Stamp 4 Process Comes Into Effect

Ireland’s Stamp 4 Process will come into effect on December 1, 2023. This new process combines the current immigration steps —  obtaining a Stamp 4 Support Letter and an IRP card thereafter.

The process will vary based on whether the applicant is based within or outside of Dublin.

  • For both categories of applicants, obtaining the requisite Employment Detail Summary(ies) at the outset for each year they have been employed in Ireland on their CSEP, will allow for assessment of eligibility for the move to a Stamp 4 and determine when the online application can be submitted for Dublin based employees or when the appointment with the immigration officer at the local garda station should be made for those based outside of Dublin.
  • Both categories of Stamp 4 holders are entitled to apply for their Stamp 4 permission after being registered for 21 months on a Stamp 1 (they will use the date of their first time registration for an IRP card pursuant to their CSEP as a basis for the calculation).
The Impact

This differs significantly from the approach the DETE have been taking to date where the 21 months is calculated on the basis of their start date of employment in Ireland on their CSEP (as confirmed in their Employment Detail Summary).

The result of this is that a number of CSEP holders are going to need to obtain a second CSEP in order to meet the 21-month mark, this will be of particular relevance for visa required nationals who cannot enter Ireland and register for their IRP card for some time after the start date on the CSEP.

Erickson Insights

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