The Immigration Nerds Talk About COVID Rules, Tennis, and the Court of Public Opinion in Australia

In this week’s Immigration Nerds podcast, we talk about the rapidly evolving visa saga between tennis star Novak Djokovic and Australia in advance of the Australian Open.This episode was recorded on Wednesday, January 12. Since then, the decision has been made to cancel Djokovic’s visa for a second time for entering the country without obtaining a valid COVID-19 vaccine exemption. As a result, Djokovic will be detained before his case to stay in Australia is heard by the Federal Court of Australia. But how we got here is perhaps even more interesting and complex. In our conversation, Luke Bianco, EIG Lead Researcher, talks to Martin Russell, EIG Senior Manager—Australia, about the visa timeline up to this point, the mix of immigration, geopolitics, and culture at play, and what people who plan to travel to Australia soon should consider.