Rivermouth, A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration with Author Alejandra Oliva

In this week’s Immigration Nerds podcast episode, host Lauren Clarke speaks with Alejandra Oliva, author of the new book, Rivermouth — A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration. In Rivermouth, Oliva focuses on the physical spaces that make up different phases of immigration and looks at how language and opportunity move through each of them; from the river as the waterway that separates the US and Mexico to the table as the place over which Oliva prepares asylum seekers for their Credible Fear Interviews, and finally, to the wall as the behemoth imposition that runs along America’s southernmost border.

Featured Guest: Alejandra Oliva, Essayist, Embroiderer, and Author of Rivermouth
News Nerd: Rob Taylor, EIG Partner
Host: Lauren Clarke, EIG Senior Attorney, and Immigration Nerds host