Japan’s largest, and Asia’s second largest, airport, Haneda Airport will pilot electronic kiosks for foreign travelers to facilitate faster entry into the country. The trial program will test ten stands beginning January 31.

The electronic stands will capture facial images and scan fingerprints and passports.

Following the trial, it is expected for the service to be formally implemented more broadly at Haneda and across Japan as soon as April.

What to Expect Traveling to Haneda Airport in Japan
  • To use the electronic stands, foreign travelers must first obtain a QR code via the official online government site and register their information.
  • At the airport, the QR code will be scanned by one of the machines.
  • Travelers with a QR code can walk through an electronic declaration gate that utilizes facial recognition technology. The new process will allow foreign travelers to forego the current process of taking a photo of their face, in addition to submitting fingerprints, presenting thier passport, and making an official customs declaration either in person or electronically.
  • Japanese citizens will follow similar steps, but do not need to have their fingerprints taken at the airport.