England Says, Fully Vaccinated US & EU Travelers Can Forego Quarantine

From Monday, August 2, at 4:00 BST, fully vaccinated people from the EU or US will not need to isolate when coming to England from an amber list country.

The current UK Home Office rules allow people vaccinated in the UK arriving from an amber list country to bypass the 10 day quarantine requirement, except for travelers from France.


Key Highlights
  • The quarantine exemption will come into force 04:00 BST on Monday.
  • Travelers will still need to take COVID-19 tests before they arrive and on the second day when they land.
  • Currently, these rules apply to arrival in England. Talks between the other UK countries are ongoing.


Erickson Insights

On UK Freedom Day, July 19, the US State Department updated its travel guidance to “Level 4: Do Not Travel” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also issued an update to avoid travel to the UK.  The US border remains closed to the UK except for returning US citizens. The White House has set up interagency and international taskforces to determine future plans to lift restrictions. However, on Monday, the White House said it did not have a timeline to predict when that would happen.


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