Following Six Weeks of Closures, Ireland Immigration Offices Reopen

After being closed for 6 weeks due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Registration Office in Burgh Quay has reopened today, December 2, 2020, for appointment holders only.  Priority will be given initially to those who had their appointments for first-time registrations canceled when the office closed and will be contacted directly by Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) with a new appointment. 

Individuals who had not secured an appointment prior to the office closure should visit to secure an appointment.

  •  Irish Residence Permit (IRP) Renewal Applications: From December 2, 2020, customers renewing their immigration registration will no longer need to submit their passport to have an immigration stamp attached by their Registration Office. This applies to renewals made in the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin and renewals made in local Registration Offices at Garda Stations nationwide.
    • Renewals for Dublin-based Customers: If the IRP cardholder is living in the Dublin area, they should submit their renewal applications online in the normal way and upload all supporting documentation required. Once their application has been processed, their new IRP card will be posted to the address supplied in the application form.
    • Renewals for Customers living outside Dublin: If the IRP cardholder is living outside the Dublin area, they will need to make an appointment to attend their local Registration Office to renew their permission. They will need to bring their passport with them to verify their identity but it will not be stamped. Once their application has been processed, the Immigration Officer will advise them as to how they will receive their new IRP card.
    • Renewing their registration with a new passport: If an IRP cardholder has obtained a new passport, they will need to bring it to their registration office in person to have it stamped with their immigration permission. If they live in Dublin, they will need to contact the Burgh Quay Registration Office at and request an appointment. They should include the title ‘New Passport’ in the email subject line.

 If they live outside of Dublin, they should contact their local Registration Office to make an appointment. Details for local Registration Offices can be found at Garda website.