Finland Updates Salary Requirement for EU Blue Card Holders

Effective May 13, 2024, the Finland salary requirement for an EU Blue Card as a highly-qualified worker will be lowered to the same level as that for a residence permit as a specialist. In 2024, the required monthly salary is EUR 3638.

Foreign nationals can apply for an EU Blue Card in Finland if:

  • they are coming to Finland for highly qualified employment (as a highly skilled worker);
  • their salary is at least EUR 3638 in 2024; and
  • they have completed a higher education degree that takes at least three years to complete, or they are a highly skilled worker.

Applicants must have confirmed employment lasting at least six months before applying for the permit.

An EU Blue Card can be granted for a maximum of two years. If the work lasts for less than two years, the EU Blue Card will be valid for the duration of the employment relationship and for three additional months thereafter.

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