EU Announces New ETIAS Timeline

The European Council has announced a new timetable for the implementation of the Entry/Exit system and the ETIAS online travel authorization system.

The Entry/Exit system will be ready to enter into operation in Autumn 2024 and ETIAS will be ready to enter into operation in Spring 2025.

  • The Council adopted the regulation for the Entry/Exit System (EES) in November 2017. EES will electronically register the time and place of entry and exit of third-country nationals, and calculate the duration of their authorized stay. It will replace the obligation to stamp the passports of third-country nationals which is applicable to all Member States.
  • The Council adopted the regulation establishing the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) in September 2018. ETIAS is a pre-travel authorisation system for visa exempt travellers. Its key function is to verify if a third country national meets entry requirements before travelling to the Schengen area. The information submitted, via an online application ahead of their arrival at borders enabling pre-travel assessment of irregular migration risks, security or public health risk checks.  It will be similar to existing systems in place in the US, Canada and Australia, among others.
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