EIG COVID-19 Update | July 8, 2020

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. Our goal is for these emails to make sense of the changes happening across the world. Please share these updates with your colleagues who may find this information helpful, too.

International Updates

Australia | Following a spike in cases in Melbourne, the coronavirus emergency cabinet is considering limiting the number of citizens and residents entering the country from abroad.
Case Update: 169 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

Austria | The government is issuing travel warnings for Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania due to increased cases of the coronavirus. Travelers from those countries must either provide a negative coronavirus test or self-quarantine for two weeks.
Case Update: 89 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

Indonesia | Bali island will reopen to tourism from domestic travelers by the end of July and international travelers on September 11.
Case Update: 1,268 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

Italy | The government is calling for new precautionary measures for people traveling to the EU from outside the bloc. “I would consider it appropriate to outline together new rigorous precautionary measures for arrivals from non-Schengen and non-EU areas,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

Following a cluster of coronavirus cases in Rome within the Bangladeshi community and a “significant number” of passengers who tested positive on a flight between Bangladesh and Rome, Italy has stopped all flights from Bangladesh for one week.
Case Update: 137 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

New Zealand | To relieve the pressure on the mandatory quarantine facilities and procedures, the government may limit the arrivals from overseas. Beginning with Air New Zealand, there is a three-week pause on inbound flights.
Case Update: 1 confirmed case. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

Spain | Beginning Thursday, residents in Catalonia will be required to wear face masks in public — indoors and outdoors — regardless of social distancing. Catalonia is the first region in Spain to take such a measure.
Case Update: 341 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

United Arab Emirates | Dubai is open for tourism after nearly four months. Upon arrival, passengers will receive a “welcome” passport sticker and asked to show a negative test result from within the past four days or take a coronavirus test. For passengers who test in-person, they will have to self-isolate until the results are provided.
Case Update: 532 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

United States | President Donald Trump made formal the United States’ withdrawal from the World Health Organization.
Case Update: 46,194 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/7/8 6:00 PM CEST

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