EIG COVID-19 Update | April 16, 2020

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. We hope these updates help to make sense of the changes happening across the world.

International Updates

Australia | Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the rules would not be relaxed until Australia’s testing capacity is increased.
Case Update: 42 new cases, -8 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

Canada | As previously reported, the US border with Canada closed on March 21, for 30 days subject to extension upon review. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the restrictions with the US would remain “for a significant time” as the countries continue to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s a recognition that as we move forward there will be special thought given to this relationship. But at the same time we know that there is a significant amount of time, still, before we can talk about loosening such restrictions,” Trudeau told a daily briefing.
Case Update: 1,394 new cases, 34 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

Germany | Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country would begin easing out of the nationwide lockdown with the partial reopening of shops, and reopening schools on May 4. Social distancing rules apply through May 3. Another meeting is scheduled for April 30 to review the plan for after May 3. Large gatherings, including those for religious events, restaurants, bars, cafes, and entertainment venues are banned until August 31.

Germany’s border controls with Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland will remain until early May.
Case Update: 2,866 new cases, 380 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

Jordan | Prime Minister Omar al Razzaz announced the government would soon ease the nationwide lockdown by allowing businesses and some industries to return to work. However, the overnight curfews and weekend shutdowns will continue.
Case Update: 4 new cases, -2 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

New Zealand | On Thursday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that even when the country lowers the level 4 restrictions to a level 3, significant restrictions will remain. There will be no “rush to normality.”
Case Update: 6 new cases, 0 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

Russia | During this period of high-alert, Moscow is introducing digital passes for trips in Moscow and the Moscow region. Digital passes are required for any personal or public modes of transportation, but not for walkers. For workers whose organization remains open and their presence in the workplace is necessary, the digital passes allow for unlimited trips to and from work.
Case Update: 3,448 new cases, 60 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

The US | President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he would introduce “new guidelines” for reopening the economy on Thursday. “The battle continues but the data suggests that the nation has passed the peak on new cases,” Trump said during his daily White House news briefing.
Case Update: 25,802 new cases, 1,356 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/16, 9:00 PM CEST

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