DHS Sends Proposed H-1B Rule to White House for Review

Last week, DHS sent a proposed H-1B rule to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review. The contents of the rule are not yet known; however, in the most recent Unified Regulatory Agenda, DHS stated that they intended to change several aspects of the H-1B program, including:

  • revising regulations relating to the “employer-employee relationship” to provide flexibility for entrepreneurs and startups,
  • providing start date flexibility listed on petitions,
  • addressing “cap-gap” issues for the F-1 program,
  • clarifying the requirement that a new or amended petition be filed when there was a material change,
  • implementing new guidelines and requirements for site visits,
  • and strengthening the H-1B registration processes to reduce misuse and fraud.

The most recent public information states that the proposed rule will be published in December; however, many believe the rule could be published sooner, even as early as next month. 

Need to know: DHS hopes to have a portion of the rule in place before the H-1B lottery season in March 2024. The public will be able to comment on the proposed rule before the final policy implementation.  

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