Denmark Increases Flexibility for Work Schemes

On June 4, 2024, the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) passed a bill that amends the rules in the Immigration Act concerning Danish bank account requirements, residence based on the Fast-Track scheme’s short-term track as well as an amendment to the job change rule. The purpose of the bill is to make it simpler for companies in Denmark to use the work schemes and to support companies in the effective recruitment of foreign labour and to ensure a higher degree of flexibility for foreign workers who apply for a residence permit in Denmark based on one of the work schemes.

The changes will come into effect on July 1, 2024.

Extension of stay

The bill will make it possible for foreign workers to apply for an extension of their stay based on the Fast-Track scheme’s short-term track without having to appear in one of SIRI’s departments. This means that the foreign worker will be able to continue their work as soon as the application for an extension is submitted and the fee is paid. The application for an extension must be submitted before the original residence and work permit expires, and it is still a requirement that the work stay does not exceed 90 days in Denmark within the last 365 days.

Job change rule

In addition, the job change rule will be extended to also include foreign nationals who wish to change their residence and work scheme (their grounds for residence) during ongoing employment without changing their job or employer. The new rules mean that the foreign national can continue to work without interruption once the new application for a residence and work permit has been submitted.

Danish bank account rules

Finally, foreign nationals with a residence and work permit based on the researcher scheme or the Fast-Track scheme’s pay limit track, researcher track, education track and short-term track will now be exempt from the requirement that their salary must be paid to a Danish bank account. In addition, the deadline for setting up a Danish bank account will be extended from 90 days to 180 days for the work schemes that are still obliged to fulfil the requirement.

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