Congress May Vote on Immigration This Week

The focus is on border security, humanitarian concerns, and family immigration.

Update: Two bills in the U.S. House are set for votes this week in advance of Congress’ August recess. One bill, sponsored by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), would drastically cut family and humanitarian-based immigration while providing temporary relief to DACA beneficiaries. The proposed legislation, which is still in draft form, also includes funds for a border wall and an E-Verify mandate. The second bill is sponsored by Republican House leadership and is considered a compromise measure based upon the Administration’s “four pillars” which include addressing (1) DREAMers pathway to citizenship, (2) securing the Southern Border, (3) eliminating the Diversity Visa Lottery, and (4) restricting family-based immigration.

Impact: To be determined. Both bills are still in draft form and no votes have yet been scheduled. If either bill does pass the House, the legislation must then survive a Senate vote before being presented to the President for signature. Survival of either bill in the Senate is considered a large hurdle in light of the upper chamber’s almost even split between conservative and liberal interests, as well as upcoming mid-term elections in November where immigration reform is expected to be a major issue with voters.

When Will They Vote: Votes are expected this week (although that may change). In general, there is pressure to pass substantive immigration legislation before the August recess.