Brexit Update: Outcome of Two Days of Parliamentary Debate and Voting

Update: Today, the UK’s Parliament agreed to ask the European Union (EU) for a delay in exiting the EU by a vote of 412 to 202. This followed yesterday’s vote when Parliament voted to reject a no-deal Brexit. This vote did not change the date of Brexit, which as of now, is still scheduled for March 29, 2019.

The next step is for Prime Minister Theresa May to present a withdrawal deal to Parliament for another vote next week. As explained in the infographic below:

  • If Parliament agrees to the deal, the Prime Minister would go to the EU summit to request the short extension of June 30, 2019.
  • If Parliament rejects the deal, the Prime Minister will ask the EU for a longer extension to Brexit.

Regardless of the length of the extension requested, all 27 member-states of the EU will have to consent to the extension for it to take effect. Consent must be unanimous.

EIG will continue to monitor the outcome of the next week’s vote in Parliament, and whether Brexit will be extended.