Australia | Annual Review of Skilled Migration Occupation Lists Underway

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (“The Department”) has begun its annual review of the Skilled Migration Occupation Lists. The Department will meet with interested stakeholders, industries, and groups in Australia to learn about local labor markets and skill shortages. The ‘Traffic Light Bulletin’ is expected to be issued by December 2019, where the Department flags occupations that could be added, removed, or changed between the short-term and medium-long term lists. Finally, The Department will open its formal submission period, allowing interested businesses, associations, and individuals to submit ideas and arguments around the proposed changes.  The Department aims to allow businesses and employers in Australia to provide input on what skills are needed, update job descriptions, and whether new occupations should be introduced to the long-term list to help attract foreign talent with a pathway to permanent residency. The new lists will be released on March 2020.