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Our team—like the clients and foreign nationals we represent—is smart, talented, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, inclusive, and diverse. The different experiences and perspectives that each of our employees contribute to our team allow us to be more knowledgeable, nuanced, empathic, and ultimately better at what we do.  

The EIG family celebrates our diversity. Collectively our team speaks 27 languages. Bucking the trend of underemployment of women as decision-makers, 40% of EIG’s leadership team and 76% of EIG attorneys are women.  In addition, more than 20% of our team are immigrants and many are first-generation Americans who have a personal connection to the immigration process.

Why is diversity important and so much a part of EIG’s culture? Simply put, our diversity makes us stronger as a team. Through training, seminars, celebrations, and sharing, we honor the different cultures, languages, professional and educational backgrounds, and personal pursuits that contribute to our firm’s vibrancy.