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The final step in the permanent residency process for both employment-based and family-based cases is for the foreign national to apply for lawful permanent residence. Within the United States, this is done by filing an I-485 Application to Adjust Status. In order to be eligible to apply for the green card, the foreign national’s priority date must be current. For those going through the PERM process, the priority date is the date on which the Department of Labor receives the PERM Labor Application. For those going through the family-based green card process, the priority date is the date on which the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative is received by USCIS.  

At this stage, the foreign national’s dependents (e.g., spouse and children) may also apply for their green cards as derivatives of the foreign national primary applicant. If the foreign national and his/her dependent(s) are in the U.S., they may file the I-485 Application to Adjust Status to obtain their green cards. For individual’s outside of the U.S., our team is experienced in the preparation and filing of immigrant visa applications at U.S. Consulates worldwide.