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Erickson Immigration Group (EIG) is your trusted partner for global immigration management. In today’s global marketplace, being able to move your workforce around the world to share experiences, knowledge, and ultimately maximize your business is critical. And, having a partner who understands the process and your needs is essential. We work with clients to ensure immigration compliance and that the immigration component of the relocation is handled accurately and in a timely manner.

Our firm provides strategic management on global immigration matters and works with more than 100 immigration professionals around the world. Wherever your business requires immigration support, we have the resources to facilitate an efficient and streamlined process to uncomplicate the complicated. Your EIG attorney will actively manage the process by monitoring all communications and timelines and assist the employee and the local immigration provider with preparing and obtaining the necessary documentation.

As your global immigration management provider, our responsibilities do not end upon the issuance of your employee’s visa/work permit. As part of our global immigration service, we take responsibility for ensuring that your company and employees are compliant with existing local immigration laws, expiration dates, and requirements and we inform the company of any statutory and regulatory compliance issues.

We recognize that an informed client is best able to make decisions that may affect their business operations and we regularly advise our clients about significant immigration-related decisions through our newsletters or Immigration Insights.

Our primary focus is making sure that your global immigration process proceeds without any issues or delay—on every case, every day.