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China Updates Entry Procedures Related to COVID-19

February 23, 2021

As of February 6, from the date of issue, valid China residence permit holders (type: work, private affairs, and reunion) who want to fly to China must email their application materials to the Chinese Consulate for review and approval in advance.  Only with the approval of the consulate can they purchase air tickets and conduct the “double test.”  Health Code will not be issued for those who are not approved. This includes the United States, Canada, UK, Belgium, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, India, Philippines Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.



The Chinese Embassy and Consulate will no longer issue green QR health codes to transit passengers (passengers from the countries or regions that have no direct flights to China mainland are excluded ). This includes the United States, Indonesia, Iran, Portugal, Belarus, Belgium, UAE, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and Turkey. In UK, green QR Health codes will not be issued to the 2nd transit passengers.