Global Immigration Management

The EIG Global Alliance

In today’s global marketplace, the reality is that you will need to move your workforce around the globe in order to share experiences and knowledge and ultimately maximize your business. Getting the right people to the necessary locations in the allotted time frame is always critical. This will most often require that work authorization, visas, and resident permits be secured before the individual can begin working in the new location. Having a trusted partner working with you to ensure immigration compliance abroad is essential, and it’s important that the immigration component of the relocation be handled as quickly as possible by a legal provider who understands both the immigration process as well as the employer’s needs.

EIG serves as a “one stop shop” through which we provide strategic management on global immigration matters. Through years of working in the international immigration market, EIG has developed an expansive and far-reaching global coalition, known as the “Alliance.” Consisting of well-trusted immigration partners around the world, the Alliance is a network of more than 100 professionals worldwide. To address the challenge of obtaining “local” knowledge on immigration matters, we partner with immigration providers in each country where you have an office. This allows our team to oversee each case, while providing your company with on-the-ground support and firsthand immigration knowledge—through one seamless process.

We only work with those immigration professionals abroad who are up-to-the-minute on the latest immigration procedures for their country of practice. Our entire team of local immigration attorneys is focused on providing excellent service to you and your employees. Our approach has always been to drive and manage all international transfers and assignments from start to finish. This ensures that you have one point of contact for all international cases, simplifying the process and minimizing the burden for your company.

How it Works

Once a new relocation is authorized, we immediately contact the relocating employee to discuss and review his or her upcoming move, relevant timelines, potential obstacles, important processes, and appropriate next steps.

EIG coordinates with our local immigration counsel to review the case, identify any immigration requirements and/or potential issues, and arrange next steps in the immigration process. An attorney from EIG connects the employee with local counsel to initiate any required immigration procedures.

EIG actively manages and drives the process by monitoring all communications and timelines as well as by assisting the employee and the local immigration provider with preparing and obtaining necessary documentation.

As your global immigration management provider, our responsibilities do not end upon the issuance of your employee’s visa/work permit. We also monitor global immigration matters after your employee obtains his or her visa/work, including:

  • Notifying the company when a visa/work permit is approved so that other elements of the international relocation can be conducted
  • Providing weekly updates on the status of each employee, which includes an update on the status of the case, the relevant type of visa, and the visa approval and expiration dates
  • Tracking expiration dates of all visa/work permits in order to ensure extensions are initiated in a timely manner

Global Principles

We recognize that an informed client is best able to make decisions that may affect their business operations. We regularly advise our clients about significant immigration-related decisions through our newsletters or EIG Insights Blog, both of which you can sign up to receive on our site.

Ultimately, our global model includes the following principles:

  • Responsible for ensuring that your company and employees are compliant with existing local immigration laws and requirements
  • Responsible for keeping the company up-to-date on statutory and regulatory compliance issues that could impact the company and/or its employees
  • Entrusted with tracking expiration dates to ensure your employees are compliant with maintaining valid visas/work permits and legal status
  • Responsible for notifying the company of potential issues that could arise in an employee’s case based on changes in the law or changes in the employees circumstances and providing advice and counsel regarding best options and possible solutions in response

The immigration team at Erickson Immigration Group understands that moving your workforce abroad is critical to the success of your business. Our primary focus is making sure that your global immigration process proceeds without any issues or delay—on every case, every day.