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EIG Dispatch | November 14, 2017

US Headlines: Applicants Experience Longer Wait Times for N-400 Applications / ICE Workplace Audis May Significantly Increase Global Headlines: New Addition to Singapore’s Employment Pass Application Feature Story: My Case Received an RFE, What Does This Mean? Upcoming Events November 23 & 24 – Thanksgiving, EIG will be closed. US Headlines Applicants Experience Longer Wait Times for N-400 Applications. With over […]

EIG Dispatch | November 7, 2017

US Headlines: H-1B RFEs on the Rise Under the Trump Administration / Diversity Program Remains Valid: What You Need to Know Global Headlines: Turkey: Limited Resumption of Visa Services / Canada Planning to Increase Immigration / Six Central African States Ratify Visa-Free Agreement Feature Story: FAQs About Holiday Travels Upcoming Events November 10- Veteran’s Day, Erickson Immigration Group will be […]

Special Alert: December 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

The U.S. Department of State has released the December 2017 Visa Bulletin. Little to no change is visible in next month’s visa bulletin, the EB-1 category remains current across all countries, and the EB-2 and EB-3 categories for China see slight advances. Furthermore, the EB-2 India category advances only by a few days, while EB-3 India remains […]

EIG Dispatch | October 31, 2017

US Headlines: USCIS will no Longer Give Deference to Previously Approved Petitions / Appeal Filed in F-1 OPT Lawsuit Dismissal Global Headlines: Singapore Employment and S Pass Holders Must Notify MOM of Changes / Canada Implements Change of Dependent Definition / Australia Employer Obligations, Training Benchmark Update Feature Story: When is it More than a Meeting? Tips […]

Erickson in the News: “Drunk Driving Is More Than an Arrest for Foreign Workers” (BNA)

(Reproduced with permission from Daily Labor Report, 207 DLR 13 (Oct. 27, 2017). Copyright 2017 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) Driving under the influence could have particularly serious consequences for temporary foreign workers and the businesses that employ them. The situation is ‘‘somewhat fluid,’’ so ‘‘we’re not feeling the impact yet,’’ Jerry Erickson […]

EIG Dispatch | October 24, 2017

Feature Story: Update to Using Driver’s Licenses for Domestic Travel US Headlines: Top US Technology Companies Join the Coalition for the American Dream/ President Trump Meets  with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Global Headlines: How to Prepare for Brexit Dates of Note October 31-Happy Halloween October 26-27-Duty of Care Conference in Washington (See below for more information) Are you […]

EIG Dispatch | October 17, 2017

Feature Story: I Moved-What Next?: FAQ on Updating Your Address with USCIS US Headlines: Closures in Ireland due to Storm Ophelia / Changes to Canada’s Citizenship Global Headlines: State of Washington and Others Challenge Travel Ban 3.0 / Nine States Barred from Using Driver’s Licenses for Domestic Flights in 2018 / NAFTA Negotiations Continue Dates of Note October […]

EIG Dispatch | October 10, 2017

Global Headlines: Turkey Suspends All Non-Immigrant Visa Services for U.S. Citizens/ U.K. Expands its Registered Traveler Service/ Visa-Free Travel to Taiwan for Qualified Nationals of Southeast Asia/ CETA to Benefit Short Term Business Visitors and Temporary Foreign Workers US Headlines: Lee Cisna Confirmed as USCIS Director/ Trump Administration Sued for DACA Decision/ Trump’s Immigration Reform Agenda to […]

Turkey Suspends All Non-Immigrant Visa Services to U.S. Citizens

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey released a statement on Twitter on Sunday, immediately halting processing of non-immigrant visas in Turkey, stating that it needed to “reassess the commitment of the government of Turkey to the security of U.S. Mission facilities and personnel”. In retaliation, Turkey announced on Sunday evening that effective immediately, it will suspend all non-immigrant […]

EIG Dispatch | October 3, 2017

Feature Story: Practical Tips for the New Employment Based I-485 Interviews US Headlines: Apply for an EAD and SSN Simultaneously through USCIS/ Trump’s Travel Restrictions Face New Challenges/ USCIS Resumes Premium Processing Global Headlines: Salary Requirements Increased for Singapore Dependent Pass Eligibility/ Increase in B Permit Quotas in Switzerland Dates of Note October 1-7 Golden Week in China […]