EIG Dispatch | August 22, 2017

Op-Ed from the Desk of Robert Taylor DC Insights: NIV Visa Services in Russia Suspended / NAFTA Renegotiations / Rising H-1B Salaries / Senator Flake Op-Ed Feature Story: Continue to be Great DC Insights: What We Learned in the Past 7 Days U.S. Temporarily Suspending NIV Visa Services in Russia.  Beginning August 23, 2017, all nonimmigrant visa […]

EIG Dispatch | August 15, 2017

DC Insights: RAISE Act Unlikely to Become Law / DACA Turns 5 / USCIS Remains Without a Director Headlines: UK Travel: Save Time, Skip the Landing Card / New Zealand Modifies Skilled Migrant Scheme / Canada Start Up Visa / Qatar Expands Visa Waiver Program Feature Story: Visa Bulletin FAQs DC Insights: What We Learned in the Past […]

Special Alert: September 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

Today, the U.S. Department of State released the September 2017 Visa Bulletin. As reported in last month’s visa bulletin update, the cut-off dates imposed on the EB-2 Worldwide quota, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines categories remain in place, with expectations to go back to current in October 2017. Cut-off dates for EB-1 India and […]

Proposed RAISE Act: To Reform the Employment Based Green Card Process

President Trump announced last week his support for the Reform American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act introduced by two Republican Senators. The scope of the bill is limited, as are its chances to become law. The bill focuses on reforming the green card permanent residency process, replacing the employment sponsored green card process with a […]

EIG Dispatch | August 8, 2017

DC Insights: President Trump Support RAISE Act / Congress and Supreme Court Recess Headlines: Canadian Job Match Service / Permanent Residency in Qatar / Innovation Visa Laungh in Israel Feature Story: Visa Bulletin FAQs DC Insights: What We Learned in the Past 7 Days President Trump Announces his Support of the RAISE Act. President Trump announced last Wednesday that […]

EIG Dispatch | August 1, 2017

USCIS News: Mobile-Friendly Form to Replace Green Card / Biometric Policy Update for Naturalization Applicants DC Insights: John Kelly Named Chief of Staff / Funding for US-Mexico Border Wall Introduced in Spending Bill Headlines: New Requirements for India Visa Applicants from South Africa Feature Story: DOS, USCIS, and DOL Employment-Based Immigration Initiatives The Latest in USCIS News USCIS Introduces […]

EIG Dispatch | July 25, 2017

USCIS News: H-1B Cap Petitions Returned / Certain Cap-Exempt H-1B Premium Processing Resumes DC Insights: Travel Ban Relaxed / NAFTA Renegotiation and Employment Visas / Senator Grassley’s Letter to DHS on O-1 Visas / Dream Act Introduced  Headlines: Laptop Ban Lifted / European Entry-Exit Proposal  Feature Story: Green Card FAQs Answered  The Latest in USCIS News Unselected FY18 H-1B […]

EIG Dispatch | July 17-21

DC Insights: International Entrepreneur Rule / DHS Foreign Student Proposal / Administration Supporting Bills to Limit Immigration  Headlines: Revised Form I-9 / Global Entry Application Process / I-129 Receipt Notice Delays Feature Story: Summer and Fall Travel Reminders  DC Insights: What We Learned in the Past 7 Days Trump Administration Delays International Entrepreneur Rule. The International Entrepreneur Rule, previously scheduled […]

EIG Dispatch | July 10-14

DC Insights: DOS Verification Emails / Effects of Limited DOS Staffing/ Congress Recess Delayed / ICE Audit Targets / Increase in O-1 Visas / Visa Processing Executive Order  Headlines: Electronic Device Ban Lift Feature Story: USCIS Ombudsman Office Processing Times Report  DC Insights: What We Learned in the Past 7 Days DOS Confirms Emails to Employers from are Legitimate. The Department […]

Special Alert: August 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

The U.S. Department of State released the August 2017 Visa Bulletin today. Next month’s visa bulletin imposes a cut-off date for the EB-2 Worldwide, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines categories. This was hinted at during the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) Liason’s monthly check-in with Mr. Charles (“Charlie”) Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division for […]